Worship & Study Opportunities at St. Augustine’s

St. Augustine's Church, Creede, CO

Welcome to Saint Augustine's Episcopal Church located in the old mining town of Creede in the San Juan mountains of southwestern Colorado. We are small church that worships humbly but with great enthusiasm. Each person is invited to come as they are to join us in worship, study and fellowship. You will be welcomed with open arms.

St. Augustine Icon

Many thanks to Father Hunt for presenting to St. Augustine's this beautiful hand painted icon of St. Augustine of Hippo. St. Augustine's feast day 2012.

Sunday Worship

with Holy Eucharist 1:00 PM every Sunday. 
church organ in creede church

In 2009, Bob Scott from Lake City generously restored our church organ.

The church building is at the corner of Fifth and Main in Creede, Colorado, across from Kip's Grill. If you need a map, click here.

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